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Month: February 2024

Books and Pet Peeves

On my to-be-read book pile, I have finished two books. A girl can’t have enough books!

It is said give the bad news first (or if it saves you a few dollars, it would be good news). On my last trip to the bookstore, I bought several writing books.

One of those books was Tell It Like It Is, by Roy Peter Clark. Clark wrote one well-loved book on my bookshelf: Writing Tools: 50 Essential Strategies For Every Writer. Not one mention of politics or cultural issues. Pure writing advice. Not so in Tell It Like It Is. This book is a manifesto on public writing, using all the terms that are currently in vogue. I don’t want to read someone else’s political views in a book on writing.

Chicken Soup for the Writer’s Soul by Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, and Bud Gardner was a repeat read. Found it in a nice used store where I live. I love the cartoons included, especially the ones of Snoopy typing on top of his dog house. My favorite story? “Why I Write” by Terry McMillan who writes that her beginning in writing started with poetry. And one article that made me laugh — “Helen Help Us” is about an advice columnist who lived in Oregon.

We writers are keen on clear language. My pet peeve is calling posts — blogs. A blog consists of dated posts. Calling a post a blog is confusing.

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